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Where to Charge Electric Vehicle in The Netherlands


Publication date: 24/05/24

The Netherlands, celebrated for its tulips, extensive cycling routes, charming canals, and iconic windmills, is an ideal destination for eco-friendly travelers. With so many accessible routes leading there, why not opt for a greener travel option and take your EV? This guide offers critical insights into the Netherlands' comprehensive network of public chargers, their strategic placement, and the typical costs associated with charging your vehicle. We also provide tailored travel tips to ensure efficient planning and navigation, helping you to fully enjoy the Netherlands’ top destinations without range anxiety.

The country’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its extensive EV infrastructure, which simplifies travel through its picturesque landscapes and bustling cities. From Amsterdam’s vibrant life to the historic streets of Utrecht and Rotterdam's modern architecture, the Netherlands’ dedication to green technology is supported by an extensive network of charging stations. Whether exploring old towns, soaking in cultural delights, or conducting business, you’ll find robust support for your journey.

Embark on an electrifying adventure through the Netherlands, a country that harmonizes its rich heritage with forward-thinking environmental practices. Let’s explore this beautiful country in a way that respects our planet and paves the way for future sustainable travel.

Electric Mobility Infrastructure Data

Number of Public Chargers

The Netherlands boasts a comprehensive network of over 157.000 public and semi-public charging stations as of early 2024, as reported by the Dutch National Government. This robust infrastructure is tailored to meet the diverse needs of EV drivers, ensuring that charging options are readily accessible for both urban commuting and long-distance travel across the country.

  • 152,236 Regular Chargers (AC chargers): Approximately 65% of these chargers are publicly available 24/7, facilitating easy access for all EV drivers at any time. The remaining chargers are semi-public, typically accessible during business hours or in locations such as company car parks and shopping centers.

  • 4,787 Fast Chargers (DC chargers): Designed for efficiency, these DC chargers cater to drivers needing a quick boost to continue their journey. They are strategically placed in urban centers and along major highways, ideal for topping up the battery during longer trips.

Regions with the Highest Number of EV Chargers

The Netherlands features a high density of electric vehicle charging stations, particularly notable in Amsterdam (image below), that ranks among the top in Europe - with 2.24 charging points per km² - just behind cities like Oslo and London. Amsterdam EV Charging Map.webp Source: Esri Nederland - City of Amsterdam

According to the Dutch National Government, the majority of these chargers are located in the following provinces:

  • South Holland (Zuid-Holland): 41,304 charging points
  • North Holland (Noord-Holland): 30,283 charging points
  • North Brabant (Noord-Brabant): 22,557 charging points
  • Utrecht: 15,112 charging points
  • Gelderland: 15,538 charging points

This extensive network ensures that travelers to major urban centers like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as more distant locales such as Eindhoven and Groningen, will find ample charging facilities.

The widespread availability of chargers across the country allows for convenient and worry-free travel, supporting seamless exploration of the Netherlands in an environmentally friendly way. This infrastructure ensures that drivers can explore every corner of the country without concern about battery life, enhancing the overall ease of travel in the region.

Recommended Destinations

The country offers a seamless travel experience across its varied landscapes. Here are some top destinations to consider when touring the Netherlands in an EV:

Amsterdam and Haarlem

  • Amsterdam: Known for its rich history, iconic canals, and vibrant art scene, Amsterdam offers a plethora of attractions such as the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, and the historic Jordaan district.
  • Haarlem: Just a short drive from Amsterdam, Haarlem boasts a charming old town with stunning architecture, cozy cafes, and the renowned Frans Hals Museum.

Rotterdam and Delft

  • Rotterdam: This modern city is celebrated for its innovative architecture like the Cube Houses and the Erasmus Bridge, as well as its cultural hotspots such as the Kunsthal museum and the vibrant Markthal.
  • Delft: Known for its picturesque canals, historic sites, and as the home of Vermeer, Delft is a gem with attractions like the Royal Delft pottery museum and the ancient Old Church.

The Hague and Leiden

  • The Hague: As the political heart of the Netherlands, The Hague offers more than just government buildings. Explore the Mauritshuis museum, the Peace Palace, and enjoy hassle-free access with plenty of EV chargers.
  • Leiden: Just a short drive from The Hague, Leiden is home to the Netherlands' oldest university, which infuses the city with youthful energy. Key attractions include the ancient Burcht van Leiden fortress and the Museum De Lakenhal, showcasing both Golden Age and contemporary art.


  • Utrecht: Explore Utrecht’s medieval charm, centered around the iconic Dom Tower. This vibrant city features bustling streets with unique shops and canal-side cafes. It's known for a dynamic cultural scene with numerous galleries and music venues, making it an ideal destination for arts and history enthusiasts.


  • Maastricht: A charming southern city, blends Dutch and Belgian influences within its cobblestoned streets and historic architecture. Known for the lively Vrijthof square, the city invites exploration with its delightful shops and vibrant events.


  • Eindhoven: As a center of Dutch design and technology, Eindhoven is a must-visit for tech enthusiasts. The city’s Design District and the innovative projects at Strijp-S are highlights, well-supported by the city’s EV infrastructure.

Travel Tips and Planning

How to Find Charging Stations

Designed to simplify your journey, the miio app is an essential tool for anyone driving an electric vehicle. It allows you to effortlessly locate charging stations by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

Most public chargers in the Netherlands use a Type 2 plug, while fast chargers typically use a CCS Combo plug. It's important to verify which plug type your vehicle requires and ensure that a charging cable is included with your car before starting your journey. This will help ensure a smooth charging experience without any compatibility issues.

Discover Charging Points with Ease: With miio, you can search for specific charging stations or use the app’s advanced filtering options. Whether you’re looking for the fastest charging solutions or the most cost-effective options, miio app lets you filter stations based on charging speed, type of location (public spots, restaurants, parking areas, etc.), price, and availability. This makes it incredibly convenient to find exactly what you need, wherever you are in the Netherlands.

App miio - Filters

Plan Your Trip Efficiently: One of the standout features of the miio app is its journey planner. This tool not only identifies charging stations along your route but also suggests optimal stops for recharging. This feature ensures that you can plan your travel with confidence, knowing that you will have access to reliable charging points along the way, minimizing delays and maximizing your travel experience.

App miio - Planning Route

How much should I pay to make a recharge?

The cost of charging your electric vehicle in the Netherlands can vary significantly depending on the provider. To ensure you're getting the best rate, use the miio app to easily compare prices across different charging stations. Simply open the app and select the charge point you're interested in; the app will display not only the rates but also any additional fees that might apply, such as parking restrictions or time-based charges.

One of the standout features of the miio app is its cost simulation tool. This feature enables drivers to estimate the cost of charging at different stations, providing a clear idea of what to expect before you plug in. This can be particularly helpful for budget-conscious travelers, ensuring no surprises and more controlled spending.

EV Charging Simulation Tool

Choosing Accommodations with EV Charging Stations

When planning your stay in the Netherlands, consider booking hotels, inns, or guesthouses that offer electric vehicle charging facilities. Choosing accommodations with onsite EV chargers not only adds convenience to your trip by allowing you to recharge your vehicle overnight or while you relax but also ensures a seamless travel experience.

This feature keeps your itinerary flexible and your vehicle ready for the next day's adventure, reducing the need to search for external charging stations. Prioritizing such amenities can greatly enhance the ease and enjoyment of your travels, making it effortless to explore more of what Netherlands has to offer.

Electric Vehicles Regulations in Urban Mobility

Driving an electric vehicle (EV) in the Netherlands offers numerous benefits, especially in urban settings. One major advantage is the access EV drivers have to low emission zones (LEZs), which are implemented in cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam to reduce pollution. These zones often restrict older, more polluting vehicles, but EVs typically have unrestricted access, allowing you to navigate these cities more freely.

In addition to special access privileges, many Dutch cities provide incentives such as reduced parking fees and tax benefits for EV owners. These perks make urban travel more convenient and cost-effective, whether you’re visiting museums, shopping, or commuting.

The extensive network of EV chargers throughout the Netherlands further supports hassle-free travel. Public chargers are commonly found at motorways, petrol stations, shopping centers, and residential areas, ensuring that you can recharge your vehicle with ease.

For the most accurate and current information on low emission zones and local incentives for electric vehicles, it is advisable to visit official municipal websites. These portals offer detailed guidelines, necessary permits, and specific regulations for electric vehicles, ensuring that you stay informed and compliant with local policies. For more detailed information, visit Urban Access Regulations.

Find a Charging Station with the miio App


Embracing the future of travel in the Netherlands with an electric vehicle offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore this picturesque country in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. With its extensive network of charging stations and progressive incentives for EV owners, the Netherlands is paving the way for eco-conscious travelers. From the vibrant streets of Amsterdam to the historical charm of Utrecht and the innovative spirit of Eindhoven, the Netherlands ensures that your journey will be both smooth and enriching.

By leveraging tools like the miio app to locate charging points, plan routes, and manage charging costs, you can navigate the Netherlands with ease. The integration of EV-friendly accommodations and the availability of perks like reduced parking fees and access to low emission zones further enhance the travel experience. Whether you're exploring cultural landmarks or discovering scenic countryside, the Netherlands’ commitment to electric mobility allows you to do so with minimal environmental impact.

As you prepare to explore the Netherlands, let this guide serve as your roadmap to an eco-friendly adventure where culture, history, and innovation meet. The Netherlands is not just a destination; it’s a journey towards a greener future. So charge up and get ready to discover the beauty of the Netherlands in your electric vehicle—where every stop leads to new discoveries and every mile is a step towards a more sustainable world.

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